Membership survey NA 2017 – Polish language region

Membership survey NA 2017 – Polish language region


Member Survey NA 2017 – Polish language region!

Following the example of the world and European services, NA, within the polish language region services, we decided to gather for the first time information about members of the NA community from our Polish region. We would also like to collect this information periodically in future years.

We want the statistics obtained as a result of this survey to be used in the activities of the Public Information Services (IP) and Public Relations (PR), in dealing with all kinds of professionals. In this way, we want to pursue one of the objectives of the "Vision of NA Services" so that the NA community is recognized and respected as a credible program of recovery from addiction.

We would like to see as many members and members of the Polish NA in this survey, so we ask you to distribute this survey on your groups – inform your friends and acquaintances of NA and fill it out for yourself, whether in electronic or paper form.

In addition to the questions used to obtain statistical data, we have allowed ourselves, also ask you about the directions of development of Polish NA – what actions, in your opinion, should become a priority for the services of our region NA? The answers thus obtained will serve as a signpost in the activities of the services.

To minimize the amount of statistical error, we ask you to complete this survey only once, regardless of its form (electronic or paper).

Non-NA members, please do not complete the survey – at the same time we invite you to the myth. The survey will run until July 2, 2017 – the highlight will be the Regional Rally in Mrągowo.

Electronic version

Paper version