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Here is the current offer of NA leaflets available in Polish*:
*Leaflets in pdf available for your own use only

IP#1: "Who, what, how and why?"

Basic NA brochure. The leaflet contains basic information about the Program and the Community of Anonymous Drug Addicts and twelve Steps and Twelve NA Traditions.


IP No. 5 "Other Look"

The leaflet presents other looks at addiction disease – paying attention to what it is not.


IP No. 6 "Health and Relapse"

He discusses issues related to relapses to active addiction and presents SUGGESTIONS ON DISCUSSING THE RULES TO DEFEND AGAINST RECURRence.

IP No. 7 "Am I addicted?"

A test consisting of questions created on the basis of the collective experience of Anonymous Drug addicts.


IP No. 8 "Just today"

It contains five positive thoughts that can help a healthier addict. The perfect leaflet for daily reading, showing the addict the prospects of life clean.


IP No. 9 "Life program"

It is a leaflet to help you analyze your recovery progress under the NA Program and to implement a moral bill at the end of the day.


IP No. 10 "Working on Step Four of Anonymous Drug Addicts"

This is the IP#10 leaflet "Working on The Fourth Step of Anonymous Drug Addicts" known so far as an attachment to step 4 (xersee), now as a separate brochure, beautifully delivered, in the form of a 16-page booklet.

IP No. 11 "Sponsorship"

It is an indispensable "tool" in the process of recovery according to the principles of the NA Programme. The flyer helps (especially new members) understand the sponsorship rules. It also answers some questions, e.g. "Who is the sponsor?" and "How do I get a sponsor?"


IP No. 12 "Triangle of your own obsession"

The leaflet discusses our main ways of responding to people, places and things, and the negative feelings involved, and obsessive thinking about the past and the future.


IP No 13 "By young addicts for young addicts"

"We write this text to share the experience of life with the NA Program, which says that any addict, no matter how young, can stop taking drugs, lose the obsession with taking and find a new way of life."


IP No. 14 "Experience of one of the addicts with acceptance, faith and submission"

The leaflet contains a written experience of recovering one of the addicts.


IP No. 15 "Public Information (PI) and member NA"

The leaflet contains guidance on the NA Public Information Service.


IP No. 16 "For the newcomer"

The leaflet contains a handful of suggestions and basic information for useful addicts entering the NA Community.


IP No. 17 "For addicts during therapy"

Leaflet intended for addicts during therapy.


IP No. 19 "Self-acceptance"

The leaflet discusses the importance of self-acceptance for the proper recovery process according to the principles of the NA Program.


IP No 22 "Welcome to the Community of Anonymous Drug Addicts"

The leaflet shall be addressed to the newcomers to the NA Community and shall contain basic information to assist in the community.


IP No. 23 "Remain clean outdoors"

The leaflet presents a collection of reflections and advice useful to addicts who have finished professional therapy.


IP No. 24 "Money matters. Self-sufficiency in NA"

Money flyer in NA – what impact they have on practicing Self-Sufficiency in NA.


Anonymous Drug Addicts: Resources in your community

Brochure containing basic information about the Community of Anonymous Drug Addicts.


Membership Survey

These are the results of an anonymous survey among NA members.


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