Literature for the internal use of the community

Here is an offer of literature on Polish, ONLY FOR USE INSIDE THE COMMUNITY OF ANONYMOUS DRUG ADDICTS. These translations are not approved by the World Service Office and are therefore not publicly available.


For each Na Member individually as topics to think for each day of the year, or for groups as an auxiliary material for keeping myths. 10x17cm format, book binding.

Behind bars

A bookcase designed specifically for people staying in prisons or Forensic Detention Centres.

Group Booklet

The booklet discusses the most important issues related to the formation of NA groups and its operation in its environment, it discusses the servitude functions resulting from the implementation and preservation of the Twelve Traditions.

IP No. 20 "Hospitals, institutions and na member"

The basic information needed in the provision of the NA mission was presented in cooperation with representatives of various institutions (therapeutic institutions, health care, church, social welfare centres, mass media, etc.) and other persons who have contact with addicts.

IP No. 21 "Loner – keeping clean"

The leaflet is addressed to addicts who for various reasons are not allowed to participate in NA myths.

Poster "Drug problem ? We can help"

For the purpose of carrying bedding in clinics and centers of addiction treatment, on detox, etc.


Key chain key chains

Colorful key chains for newcomers ("Hello!"), for 30 days of cleanliness, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 18 months and for many years of cleanliness.

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