How to create a meeting

How to create a meeting?

Publication of 10.00 27.01.2013

Interested in what you read and heard about the Community of Anonymous Drug Addicts? Are you convinced of the importance of mutual assistance provided to one addict by another addict in the recovery process? Do you accept the way the Community carries out its activities and is organised? You accept the simplicity of our organization by renting premises for our mythology, financial self-sufficiency, unprofessional and free assistance to each other, activities limited to only one purpose: who still suffers? Did this convince you to the NA Community so much that you want to join it or want to offer it to someone from your friends or wards, and there is no NA group in your city? Based on our collective experience, we have some suggestions for you to help you get started.

1. If there is no NA group in your environment?

In this case, the best solution is to create an NA group.

This venture may seem complicated, but in fact it is not. To make this even easier, a booklet was prepared: A group booklet that was developed on the basis of existing experience. It contains the information you need for the group to start a business. The brochure can be obtained free of charge, you only need to send an order to the Literature Office.

The group’s booklet contains many basic tips for organizing a NA group, keeping myths, etc.

Professionals usually face three obstacles in the formation of the NA group. We provide some ideas, suggestions and solutions that can be used in case we encounter difficulties.

A professional who directly seeks to set up a NA group may lead to a situation in which the NA group is considered subordinate to it or even part of the institution or organisation of which he is an employee.

By doing so, two basic principles are broken which enable recovery under the NA Programme and community development. These two principles are:

  • Independence
  • Financial self-sufficiency

Where a group undertakes its activities in a therapeutic, rehabilitation or similar centre, it is very helpful to highlight the differences between the centre or another institution and the NA Community. The idea is that addicts involved in myths perceive the NA group as a separate and independent Community, not just part of the therapy provided by the centre.

Once started, we recommend that the initiator pass on the running of the myth to addicts so that they can apply the principle as soon as possible: “One addict helps the other addict.”

The second issue that can be encountered is access to literature approved by the NA Community. Addicts and professionals interested in setting up the NA group can also receive a basic set of NA literature available in Polish after sending the order to the Office of Literature.

The third issue faced by professionals in the creation of the NA group, as is clear from our experience, is to maintain the difference between NA and other similar communities, in particular the Community of Alcoholics anonymous. This phenomenon may have a justification in NA origin, which originates from AA and uses this basis in recovery from addiction disease based on Twelve Steps of AA. However, the NA Recovery Program is a program different from AA. ON “recovering addicts, regardless of the chemical they are using or their combination, AA focuses its activities solely on alcoholism.

We believe that it is helpful for an addict seeking recovery to distinguish between one community and another, in order to prevent the addict concerned from being mistaken for the services of both communities.

For more information and literature, please contact us, for example, for information and literature. With the Committee on The Food And Veterinary Affairs and External Relations Committee With the Na Literature Office in Poland. All contact details can be found on the contact page.

2. In practice:


The group itself chooses the name and decides the form of action by voting members (the so-called “vote” the conscience of the group), after which it communicates its assumption on the NA website – recording the myths with the time and place of its taking place. This is to promote its existence so that as many suffering addicts as possible can find a way of recovery through NA.


The group can then join the “Circle”. It is the structure of a group of groups from a given area, where representatives of groups – so-called . delegates – share their experience and help each other in the development of the community. Most often, the decision to join a particular district is made for geographical reasons. On the NA website there is a map divided by circles.

Joining the ward supports the group in development. To join the district, the group delegate will contact the district in question where and when the next district conference will take place. By participating in such a conference, he declares to join. It also sends this information to the NA page so that the group can be formally added to the circle. Mail to:

3. NA Literature:

The Starter Pack is an information set for addicts who intend to set up a NA group in their environment and professionals and any person interested in setting up a NA group.

In order to receive NA literature in the form of so-called The Starter Pack must be contacted by e-mail to the Department of Literature at: After the order, please contact the newly created mythology along with the shipping address and telephone number to clarify any ambiguities in the address.

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