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Anonymous Drug Addicts is an international social community of drug-healing drug addicts, organising more than 67,000 myths a week in 139 countries. Narc


otics Anonymous is a global community of people of many languages and cultures. NA² was born from the AlcoholicS Anonymous program in 1953. The first myths appeared in Los Angeles, California(USA). The next 20 years were characterized by slow development. Initially, as a small American movement, over time it grew to the largest and oldest organization of its kind gradually spreading from Los Angeles to other major cities of North America, and in the early 1970s also to Australia. In 1983 we published the Basic Text – our main publication. Over the next few years, groups were formed in Brazil, Colombia, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Today, the Community of Anonymous Drug Addicts is stable in America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Newly formed NA groups are scattered across the Indian subcontinent, Africa, East Asia, Central and Eastern and Eastern Europe. The literature and information brochures of Anonymous Drug addicts are already available in 41 languages, translating for the next 16. There are 67,000 myths per week in 139 countries.

We offer addiction-based recovery based on a 12-step program and regular participation in myths. The group's atmosphere provides assistance to addicts who want to live without drugs. Our name, Narcotics Anonymous, doesn't mean we're focusing on a particular drug. In our view, all drugs harm and alcohol is also a drug. Anyone can join us, unconditionally. We are not affiliated with any organization or religion. By serving and helping each other, we strive to one day every addict in the world gets the chance to experience the message of recovery in his language and cu


lture. The first author's NA brochure, known among members as the "White Booklet", describes Anonymous Drug Addicts as fol

lows: "NA is a profitless community of men and women for whom drugs have become a major problem. We are health-conscious addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. We are not interested in what drugs and how much you have taken them (…) but what you are going to do with your problem and how we can

help you." Participation is open to all drug addicts, regardless of the type of drugs used or how they are combined. When the first step from the literature of Alcoholics anonymous was adapted to the needs, the word "alcohol" was replaced by the word "addiction", thus removing the term associated with a specific measure, which is to reflect the idea of assembling addiction as Disease.

There are no social, religious, economic, racial, ethnic, national or sexual constraints in NA. There are also no buy-in or membership fees. Most members regularly contribute small sums to helping to regulate mythigone expenses, but these donations are not mandatory.

Anonymous Drug Addicts jointly create a recovery process, building a sustainable network of mutual support. One of the keys to NA's success has become the therapeutic value of the cooperation of two addicts. Members share successes and challenges, overcoming active addiction. They lead drug-free, creative life, applying the principles of 12 Steps and 12 NA Traditions every day. These principles are the core, pillar of the Anonymous Drug Addicts Program. These are:

– admitting to the problem
– seeking help
– committed, thorough self-observation
– opening up in a safe, confidential atmosphere
– compensation for the harm caused and
– help those addicts who want to recover.

The Anonymous Drug Addicts program attaches particular importance to practicing spiritual principles. It is not a religious program, but every member is encouraged to develop their own religious or not understanding of "spiritual awakening."

NA is not affiliated with any other organization, therapeutic centres and prisons. As an organization, it does not employ therapists, does not run accommodation facilities, centers or clinics. Moreover, it does not provide professional financial, legal, psychiatric or medical services. NA has only one main goal: to create an environment in which one addict will help the other addict to stop taking drugs and find a new way of life.

In the Anonymous Drug Addicts program, members are encouraged to use total abstinence from all types of drugs, including alcohol. Experience with NA members shows that continuous and continuous abstinence provides the best foundation for recovery and personal development. NA as a whole has no opinion on topics from outside. Also, the problem of the use of psychiatric drugs and other indicated medical measures prescribed by doctors and taking them under control is not seen as incompatible with the idea of recovery in NA. The

Sposób organizacji

main service available in NA is group mythizes. Each group acts individually supporting the rules applicable to the whole organization, which are presented in the NA literature.

Most groups rent rooms in buildings run by public, religious or social organizations for weekly meetings. A single person runs a myth, while the rest of the members are involved in sharing their experience in recovering from drug addiction. Members of the group share functions related to improving the operation of the mityngu.

In countries where NA is a relatively new phenomenon, the NA group is the only level of organization. Where a number of NA groups had a chance to develop and stabilise, the selected delegates of the groups form local committees. These local service centers offer a lot of services. Among other things:

– distribution of NA literature
– telephone information
– public presentations to staff of centres, social organisations, government agencies and schools
– information presentations for patients of centres, prisoners, pupils of correctional houses familiarwith the NA programme
– lists of meetings of Anonymous Drug addicts designed for individual information, as well as for use by professionals in their therapeutic groups.

In large or na countries where NA already has a position, several local regional committees are united and formed by regional committees. Regional committees serve larger geographicalareas, while district committees serve local communities.

An international assembly of delegates, called the World Service Conference, provides solutions to matters that affect the entire organization. One of the primary tasks of the WSC is to support those regions where NA is just being created and translating the literature of Anonymous Drug Addicts. For more information, please contact the World Service Office representatives in Los Angeles, California. The postal address, telephone, fax and website address are at the end of this br

Stanowisko wobec pokrewnych problemów oraz instytucji

ochure. In order not to go beyond the subject of its activities, the NA established a tradition of not supporting or responding to matters not related to the activities of Anonymous Drug Addicts. Na does not issue either positive or negative opinions on social, social, medical, legal or religious topics. Moreover, it does not take a position on addiction problems such as crime, compliance with the law, drug legalisation, prostitution, HIV and HCV infection (hepatitis C), minimisation programmes damage (syringe replacement, etc.).

NA is completely self-sufficient and does not accept financial support from outsiders. Groups and committees of services shall be appointed on the same basis: by members- for members.

Anonymous Drug Addicts do not support or oppose the philosophy or methodology of other organizations. NA is a competent organization primarily in building a forum where drug addicts can share their experiences of recovery with each other. This does not mean that Anonymous Drug Addicts believe that there are no other "good" and "valuable" organizations. In order not to interfere with any controversy, NA focuses all energy on its specific intentions and does not involve other organisations. Although certain tr

Współpraca z NA

aditions lead relationships with other organizations, NA invites the government, clergy and private volunteer organizations to cooperate. Non-dependent NA sympathizers have played a significant role in starting NA in many countries.

NA strives to work with all stakeholders, providing literature and information on recovery with the help of the NA Community. In addition, NA members often organize presentations in centers, prisons, correctional homes, sharing the NA program with those addicts who cannot participate in myths. By presenting gene

Demografia członków

ral information on the nature of participation and effectiveness of the programme, the following information appears to be worth mentioning. The socio-economic layer represented by NA members for each country is different. In general, the NA movement in a given country begins one specific social or economic class, but when its activities become efficient, membership expands with representatives of all social strata.

Among THE MEMBERS OF NA are represented all ethnic and religious environments. When NA in a given country reaches a certain level of maturity, membership usually reflects the diversity or homogeneity of the cultural background.

Participation in NA is voluntary, no attendance lists are kept. It is therefore difficult to provide comprehensive information on membership. On the other hand, there are objective indicators that can be made available. They are based on data obtained from participants in one of the world's NA rallies. The survey, completed by more than half of the 13,500 participants in the 2002 World Rally in Atlanta, is as follows:

  • Gender: 55% – male; 44% – female; 1% – no response
  • Age: 2% – 20 years and under; 11% – 21-30 years; 32% – 31-40 years; 4% – 41-50 years; 12% – over 51 years and 2% – no response
  • Ethnic identity: 49% – white; 39% – African-American; 4% – Hispanic; 8% – other
  • Employment: 75% of full-time employees; 8% of part-time employees; 6% unemployed; 3% of pensioners; 3% of domestic workers; 3% students and 2% no response
  • Continuous abstinence/recovery: range from less than one year to 33 years, with an average of 7.2 years
Tempo wzrostu

Since there are no attendance censuses, it is impossible to estimate what percentage of those who came to Anonymous Drug Addicts remained active in NA for a given period of time. The only indicator of the program's success is the sharp increase in registered NA myths over the past decade and the rapid spread of NA beyond North America.

– In 1978 there were fewer than 250 registered groups in 3 countries.
– In 1983, more than 12 countries registered 2,966 myths
– In 1993, 60 countries had 13,000 groups, carrying more than 19,500 myths.
– In 2002, there were about 20,000 registered groups and 30,000 myths per week in 108 countries
– In 2012, there were about 61,800 myths per week in more than 129 countries.

For more information, contact:
NA World Services, Inc.
PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, CA 91409-9099 USA
Tel: (+1) 818.773.9999 Fax: (+1) 818.700.0700
Website: www.na.org¹ Mity

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ng – A collaborative meeting of the Anonymous Drug Addicts group Crowd.
² To emphasize unity with the global narcotics anonymous movement Anonymous Drug addicts in Poland use the abbreviation "NA", not "AN" – adj. Crowd.

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